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Seed Coating. Microplastic-Free.

Enhanced germination and emergence without compromise.

Why It's Different

Nutreos is a non-toxic, plant-based, biodegradable micronutrient seed coating that delivers strong germination, vigour and crop establishment without microplastics.

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Why Choose Nutreos?

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Nutrition Without Microplastic Pollution

Nutreos prioritizes the delivery of essential nutrients including iron, zinc, manganese, and copper to your crops, avoiding the use of conventional microplastics that can harm your soil and the environment.

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Enhancing Crop Establishment

Nutreos promotes germination, root development, strong early vigor, and optimized crop establishment. Your seeds receive the nutrition they need to thrive right from the start.

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Nurturing Sustainable Farming

Nutreos promotes eco-friendly agriculture, enhances crop establishment, optimizes resource utilization, and aligns with 4-R principles to improve your operation's sustainability.

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A Biodegradable Innovation Showcase

Nutreos coatings are made from natural biodegradable biopolymers, and do not contain petrochemicals or fossil fuel-derived microplastics. The use of Nutreos safeguards the environment, by avoiding the risks associated with conventional microplastics. Nutreos coatings adhere to upcoming EU plastic ban regulations.

Partnership Programs

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Lucent Bio

Nutreos & Lucent Bio

Nutreos is one of Lucent Bio’s innovative product lines designed to support the evolution of sustainable agriculture. Learn more about Lucent Bio and explore our other solutions including Soileos and Agreos at