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Innovate, Collaborate, Thrive Together with Nutreos

Advancing agriculture through sustainable partnerships.

Unlocking Value Through Partnership: Nutreos & Lucent Bio 

In this industry, partnerships are the key to progress. At Lucent Bio, we understand the collaborative nature of this sector and are committed to working closely with you to achieve shared success.

Why Partner with Lucent Bio?

By partnering with Lucent Bio, you’re not just embracing innovation; you’re contributing to a more sustainable, profitable, and responsible future for the agri-food industry. 

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Environmental Responsibility

Lucent Bio is dedicated to reducing environmental impact and promoting corporate responsibility in the agri-food industry. Check out our other product lines.

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We Harness Circular Solutions

We’ve commercialized Soileos, a smart fertilizer that upcycles cellulose co-products, reducing waste and enhancing resource management.

Circular Economy Model
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Expertise in Sustainable Agriculture

Lucent Bio has a proven track record of innovative agricultural solutions.

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Custom Seed Coating Development

Lucent Bio works with industry partners to develop proprietary and custom seed coating formulations for your specific crop and environmental conditions.

Partner Opportunities

We’re here to collaborate with industry partners worldwide who share our vision for a more sustainable and circular agricultural ecosystem. If you are a manufacturing partner interested in circular economies, an innovation partner looking for novel microplastic-free proprietary and custom seed coating offerings, or a seed coating distribution and retail partner looking for a differentiated offering, please connect with us.

Let’s discuss partnership opportunities.
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