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Biodegradable Seed Nutrition

Modern agriculture welcomes Nutreos as an innovative, biodegradable crop establishment solution completely free from microplastics.

Nutreos: A Seed Treatment Paradigm Shift

Nutreos redefines seed treatment by delivering essential nutrition directly to the seed without the need for conventional plastic coatings or binders. Providing zinc, iron, manganese or copper with Nutreos ensures that crops receive the nourishment they need right from the start, resulting in robust germination, early vigour, and overall crop health. The unique win of Nutreos is in the soil. By replacing the use of microplastics in seed coating with a nutrient-infused biopolymer, Nutreos enhances soil biodiversity, ultimately making it healthier for year-over-year success.

Anticipating forthcoming regulatory changes addressing the environmental impact of microplastics in seed treatments, Nutreos stands out as an innovative and environmentally responsible solution, aligning seamlessly with upcoming EU plastic ban regulations

Sprouted Shoots Of Barley And Wheat In Soil With Roots. Blurred Background.

Sustainability at its Core: Meeting Environmental and Economic Goals

Sustainability is not just a buzzword for Lucent Bio; it’s a core commitment. We’re innovating crop nutrition that goes beyond improving yields; Nutreos is a climate-positive innovation,The carbon footprint, and pollution index of its production is lower that other conventional seed coatings. Our environmental commitment aligns with modern agriculture practices promoting sustainability and champions the principles of a circular economy. Nutreos helps build a greener, healthier future and opens the doors to environmentally conscious markets within the agriculture and food production industry, reinforcing our commitment to environmental responsibility while ensuring a win for all stakeholders in the value chain.

Environmental Footprint of Nutreos

Proven Results and Market Differentiation: A Competitive Edge

Nutreos is an effective solution. It has demonstrated its prowess in improving germination rates, enhancing crop vigour, and boosting overall yield. Nutreos provides partners a unique seed treatment opportunity, allowing them to differentiate themselves in the market, particularly in the face of impending regulatory changes related to microplastics.

Nutreos On Soybean Soybean Seed Germination Rate

Nutreos On Soybean Soybean Dry Root Weight

Nutreos: Elevating Agriculture, Empowering Agronomists, and Fueling Business Success

Nutreos provides a holistic solution designed to elevate agriculture, enhance profitability, and prepare for future regulations. We offer patented technology that merges economic prosperity with sustainability. Together, we can reshape your crop establishment strategies, reduce your costs, and increase profitability throughout the supply chain, all while making a positive impact on the environment.

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