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Nutreos Unwrapped

How it works to benefit you.

Nutreos Product

Nutreos provides your crop with the best start possible. Our innovative approach focuses on delivering essential nutrients including copper, iron, manganese, and zinc to seeds in a form that’s easily absorbed, leaving nothing behind.

How It Works

How Nutreos Works for You

Improved Germination

One of Nutreos’ key functions is its ability to promote even germination. When seeds are treated with Nutreos, they experience more consistent and timely germination, minimizing uneven crop establishment. This uniformity in germination provides for strong crop establishment, easier management and the development of a good crop.

Early Vigor and Root Growth

Nutreos doesn’t stop at germination; it enhances early vigor in seedlings and root systems. Strong, vigorous seedlings are better equipped with robust root systems to compete with weeds, resist disease, and withstand stress factors like drought or sub-optimal growing conditions.

Uniform Crop Establishment

Nutreos contributes to uniform crop establishment by promoting consistent germination and growth, minimizing gaps in the field and nurturing even plant maturation. This creates efficiency in resource utilization—water, nutrients, and sunlight—results in healthier, more productive crops.

Uncoated Soybean 450x450
Nutreos Fe Zn Soybean 450x450

A Microplastic Pollution-Free Commitment

Nutreos goes beyond enhancing crop nutrition and ensuring uniform growth; it’s a key step toward sustainable agriculture.  By optimizing seed nutrition, Nutreos reduces the demand for an excessive use of resources such as water and fertilizers.

Nutreos is a solution aligned with upcoming EU plastic ban regulations. Unlike many conventional seed treatments that contain harmful microplastics, Nutreos provides a solution to the threats posed by microplastics to soil health, ecological systems, and human health, creating a cleaner environment for all.


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